This is a continuation of my previous video: 50 Steps To Starting A New Minecraft World With The Create Mod

We ended the previous video with the creation of brass. We had also made a vertical mining contraption which we later converted to a horizontal mining contraption. In addition to that we had a wheat farm and a tiny tree farm. For power we built a fairly large windmill.

This video will show you how to progress further using the create mod after creating brass. We will be making an infinite lava farm, do some ore processing with crushing wheels and finally build a train or two towards the end. In between I will cover various other things that I find interesting with Create.

Lava dripstone Farm

A basic Infinite lava farm using Create.

We start by making a vanilla dripstone lava farm. What you will need is some dripstone, any kind of block like glass or cobblestone to hang the dripstone from and then a bucket of lava to place on top. Under the dripstone you will place the cauldrons.

Mechanical Pipe

Using a Copper Ingot and two Copper Sheets made using a mechanical press we can make some Mechanical Pipe. The pipes can be used to transport fluids such as lava. These can also be connected directly to the cauldrons. Right click with a Wrench on the tank to change the appearance.

Mechanical Pump

A Mechanical Pump is made using a Mechanical Pipe combined with a Cogwheel. Using a Cogwheel to apply rotational force to the pump will allow you to move fluids in different directions through pipes.

Fluid Tank

A Fluid Tank is used to store different fluids such as Lava, Water, Milk and Chocolate. Each Fluid tank can hold 8 buckets and these can be combined to make larger fluid tanks as long as the shape is rectangular. A 3×3 base is the largest possible configuration with a max height of 32. Right click with a Wrench on the tank to change the appearance


Spouts can be used to fill buckets and apply liquids to items. Placing a bucket under a Spout filled with lava will transfer the lava to the bucket. You can also make things such as sweet rolls by applying milk to bread. Sturdy sheets can also be made by applying lava to powdered obsidian.

Make A Toolbox

A Toolbox is an item that has 8 slots that holds up to 256 of each item. It can be picked up and placed simply by right clicking. By default you can hold alt to access the toolboxes inventory from up to 8 blocks away. The toolbox can also be used as an early game filter for andesite funnels.

Double Andesite Production

Using a mixer and a basin only takes half as much andesite and zinc or iron nuggets to make Andesite Alloy.

Automate Casings

Empty a Mining Contraption With a Portable Storage Interface

Make an Elevator

Redstone Links

Mechanical Crafter

Steam Engine

Iron Farm

Crushing Wheels

Brass Funnels

Framed Glass


Precision Mechanism

Mechanical Arm

Stockpile Switches

Andesite Farm with Flint, Lava and Gravel

Train Tracks

Make a Honey Farm

Extendo Grip


Diving Helmet

Diving Boots


Attribute Filters


Display Links

Milk Farm

Make a Seat

Sugar Cane Farm

Cocoa Farm

Sweet Rolls

Honeyed Apples

Build a Train

Sturdy Sheet

Train Casings

Train Station

Train Controls

Get the Field Trip Achievements

At the end of the video I travel 5000 blocks on a train while sitting on a seat to get the Field Trip Achievement.

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