The group fights Tideborn Taleria on the land in the middle of the room that encircles the boss. I recommend using the challenge banner as a reference when positioning as this is where the whirlwinds during the winter storm will spawn. The main tank should be positioned to the right just enough so that the […]

The Reef Guardian will split into smaller copies of itself. In total you will have to deal with the large version you start with, 2 medium and 2 small copies. After some time the guardians will walk over to one of the smaller holes at the outside edge of the room and become immune. You […]

Quick Guide to the first boss of Veteran Dreadsail Reef - Lylanar and Turlassil

There are two orbs in the room, one fire and one ice, these can be activated from anywhere in the room to give the player a dome about 20 meters in diameter. A dome of the opposite type should be held over the boss at all times and any adds should be taunted in under […]

Tomb healing in Veteran Sunspire and HM

After completing Sunspire on HM as a tomb healer and having been asked to help other healers with tombs I have decided to write a guide that might help. I will try to cover different scenarious depending on what you might be having trouble with. Healers will typically have trouble either healing the tombs quickly […]