Escape from Tarkov is still in beta but it has already turned into my favorite game after just a few weeks of playing. I never thought I would like a hardcore first person shooter game but I have really come to like it. My aim is generally horrible but I figured I could work on improving it as I enjoy the game. See the video here below.

As I mention in the video. Escape from Tarkov includes a lot of running, shooting and looting. You get thrown onto a map at a random location and your goal is to escape to an exit. The exit is usually found on the opposite side of the map. You generally want to either achieve a mission or just kill as many scavs (npc or player) and pmcs (players) and get out alive. Or both, it’s up to you. You can go in with just a hatchet or loaded with military armor and fully automatic AKs with tracer rounds. The only catch is that if you die you will risk not getting your gear back, someone else can pick it up and use it.

A big focus is on the guns, the realism and the amount of customization you can do. There are lots and lots of parts which can be used to change the look and feel of every weapon. Anything from simple handguns to large rifles can have multiple scopes, flashlights, silencers and more.

The game gets even better with a squad. Find a few friends to run with but just make sure you don’t kill them as there are no markers in the game to tell each other apart.

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