In this video we are taking a look at a mod called Clockwork which has recently been released as a public alpha version. This mod lets you fly around in airplanes as shown in the video above. But it’s not just airplanes, you can make anything, like a hot air balloon with a propeller for example.

All of the blocks that are a part of the flying machine can be interacted with like you normally would in Minecraft. The only difference is that they now have physics applied to them.

The public alpha can be downloaded from the Valkyrien Skies discord. I will put a link in the description which you can use to join the discord. Here is the link: Once you have joined the discord you will want to look for the Clockwork-nightlies channel and then download the latest jar files available for either Forge or Fabric on Minecraft version 1.18. When you have downloaded these files you will want to put them in your mods folder. You will also want to make sure you have Forge or Fabric installed for 1.18

So in your mods folder. Make sure you have the Valkyrien Skies beta, Kotlin if you are using forge, the Create mod, I also recommend Flywheel and of course last but not least, the Clockwork alpha. After that you should be able to start Minecraft with Clockwork. If you are still having issues I would recommend taking a look at the Valkyrien Skies discord as there are a lot of information about Clockwork available there.

Although my plane has some basic redstone mistakes as you can see by the trap doors opening and closing I am very impressed by Clockwork so far. It is an alpha and it does have some issues but I got this airplane flying after 3 attempts, I think it took about an hour to build.

The schematic for my airplane can be downloaded here:

Make sure to checkout Polartt’s beginner airplane video and schematic for Clockwork:

Make sure to checkout Kwizzle Hazzizle’s video for using schematics with Clockwork, airplane schematic included:

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