Tomb healing in Veteran Sunspire and HM

Lokkestiiz Tomb/Ice Cage/Frozen Prison Healing in Veteran Sunspire and HM

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After completing Sunspire on HM as a tomb healer and having been asked to help other healers with tombs I have decided to write a guide that might help. I will try to cover different scenarious depending on what you might be having trouble with. Healers will typically have trouble either healing the tombs quickly enough or have sustain issues. I would recommend that you use the HowToSunspire addon as a healer and for anyone entering tombs if you are doing HM.

A big shoutout to the Swedish guild Friskyttarna on PC/EU for helping me get better at ESO and progressing through trials.


When healing tombs a dps or healer typically goes into one tomb while the one healer heals them back up to full health. It is important that whoever goes into the tomb is topped off at full health before going in.

  • The dragon will raise his head which will trigger the tombs spawning
  • You will see the tomb appear as a circle but it takes 2.6 seconds before the tomb is active.
  • The tomb will be available for 10 seconds and explode doing massive damage to the group if no one enters it.
  • When entering a tomb the player loses 70% of their health instantly.
  • A defile is applied to the player of 80%, healing is 20% effective but health recovery is not affected
  • The player receives a DOT which deals about 2k damage per second. This dot is shieldable.
  • The player is immune to all other damage while in the tomb.
  • You have 8 seconds to heal a player up to full health after they enter a tomb.

A typical rotation which I recommend when healing tombs is to do the following in order.

  • Before the player enters the tomb put down Illustrious Healing
    • Templars can also place down Extended Ritual
    • Wardens can also place down Budding Seeds. Try to time it so that it expires while the player is in the tomb. Don’t trigger the heal early.
    • Necromancers can also summon Intensive Mender
  • If you have the time you can also cast Energy Orb but it should not be needed
  • After the player has entered the tomb you want to cast Healing Ward which will shield the player from damage and also help with some healing. Do not try to cast this before the player has taken damage as it will most likely land on one of the tanks. There is always a chance that this is not applied to the player in the tomb if the tank gets hit by breath at the same time for example, if that happens you need to see this and recast the healing ward.
  • Now the final step is to get the player back up to full health. You could cast Combat Prayer to achieve this.


The hardmode version of tomb healing is much harder as the following changes are in effect compared to veteran.

  • Two tombs will now spawn each time. The duration to take each tomb is still 10 seconds and then 8 seconds after a player enters.
  • The defile applied to the player is now 90%, healing is 10% effective which means you need twice as much healing as before.

In hard mode you should ask the dps to try to time entering the tombs at different times. I would make sure to call out for the first time early, usually when the boss raises its head. This allows the first dps to enter the tomb as early as possible. The second dps can then wait 3-5 seconds before entering the second tomb. The time you have to heal a player in a tomb to full health will always be 8 seconds from when they first enter.

Sometimes the tombs will spawn very close to each other. When this happens a player can walk right between the two tombs and both will be taken as a single tomb.

Tomb Healing on Veteran Sunspire HM

If both healers have high enough healing and the tank is able to survive on their own for a bit you can have the healers do the first tombs on their own while giving the group a chance to do as much damage as possible.

Gear, Enchants and Traits

You will want to use the Mender’s Ward from Blackrose Prison. This staff will apply Major Vitality to your target when you cast Healing Ward which will increase your healing done to the player by 16% for 4 seconds. The perfected version of the staff gives some more magicka recovery which is nice but not needed. Using the powered trait will increase your overall healing by 9% and applying the Truly Superb Glyph of Weapon Damage will increase your healing even more.

For the backbar I used Infused with Truly Superb Glyph of Weapon Damage.

You will want 7 light armor pieces with the divines trait. Enchant using Truly Superb Glyph of Magicka to give yourself as much magicka as possible.

For the rings and neck I would use the Infused trait with Truly Superb Glyph of Increase Magical Harm. If you need the sustain you could go with more recovery but I found that having higher spell damage gave me more time between tombs to get in an extra heavy attack or two which gave me enough recovery.

I preferred using Jorvuld’s Guidance to increase all major buffs applied to myself and allies by 40% which I combined with Roaring Opportunist to help increase the damage output of the group.

A lot of guides will tell you to use The Troll King which increase the health recovery of an ally by 925 when you heal them while under 50%. If you are just barely getting players out of tombs you can use this but I would encourage anyone to avoid using it. The health recovery only ticks every 2 seconds giving you a maximum of 2775 extra healing by using this set if the player is in the tomb for longer than 6 seconds. Even on hard mode I was healing players to full health in about 4 seconds once I got the hang of tomb healing which means this monster set will barely get a single tick in.

I would instead use a monster set like Symphony of Blades to give the entire group more sustain.

Mundus Stone

I would recommend using The Ritual which will increase your overall healing by 13% if you are wearing 7 armor pieces with divines Trait.

Champion Points

I prefer to have Focused Mending, Swift Renewal, Soothing Tide and Enlivening Overflow in the blue tree to give me as much healing as possible.

Food & Potions

I used Clockwork Citrus Filet when I was progressing the Hardmode version of this fight. A cheaper option is Witchmother’s Potent Brew which I use for regular veteran.

I use Essence of Spell Power keeping it active at all times while tomb healing. This will increase your overall healing, increase your chance to critically heal and give you increased magicka recovery. You will want to make sure you have Medicinal Use rank 3 so that these effects last longer than the potion cooldown duration.

Receiving help from others

Tombs can be really difficult starting out, especially if you are new to healing. There are several ways in which your group can help you if needed.

  • Players can slot a shield which they should use right before entering the tomb. Using this while running to the tomb can also help players stay at full health.
  • The off tank can use Echoing Vigor to give some extra healing if they are near the tomb.
  • The group healer can place Illustrious Healing or Budding Seeds on tombs while still staying close to the group and tank.
  • Make sure dps don’t have really high health. Around 21k is preferable but they also need to survive incoming damage so there has to be some balance here.
  • Dps should be putting champion points into Quick Recovery and can have points in Rejuvenation, Strategic Reserve and Sustained by Suffering but note that health recovery only ticks every 2 seconds.

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