20 Different Trains And How To Build One Using The Create Mod - Minecraft 1.18.2

In this video I showcase 20 different trains created using Create 0.5.0 and Minecraft 1.18.2. Some of the trains are mine, some are create by server members and some have also been shared on my discord. I hope this video will give you some ideas for making trains with the Create Mod. Below are links for schematics and more information. You will need to unzip the zip files to use the schematics.

My trains:
TNT Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/tnt-train/
The Grand Tour: https://www.uberswe.com/download/train-the-grand-tour/
Passenger Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/passenger-train/
Logging Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/logging-train/
Fluid And Cargo Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/fluid-and-cargo-train/
Flowa Powa Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/flowa-powa-train/
Cobble n Goods: https://www.uberswe.com/download/cobble-n-goods/
Nether Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/nether-train/

Trains by BigSwedish (Make sure to give him a follow on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bigswedish ):
Modern Passenger Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/modern-passenger-train-by-bigswedish/
Modern Cargo Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/modern-cargo-train-by-bigswedish/
Mega Croc: https://www.uberswe.com/download/mega-croc-by-bigswedish/
Lava Train: https://www.uberswe.com/download/lava-train-by-bigswedish/

The other trains can be found under #mc-showcase on my discord: https://discord.gg/NQJuhb6stv

Most trains were built using Uberswe's Tech Pack which can be found here: https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/uberswes-tech-pack

As always, you can find all my links here: https://linktr.ee/uberswe

00:00 Intro
01:04 The Grand Tour Steam Locomotive
02:06 Cobble n Goods Steam Locomotive
02:56 TNT Steam Locomotive
03:58 Fluid and Cargo Combined + Steam Locomotive
04:31 Steam Passenger Train
05:11 Steam Logging Train
05:40 Steam Nether Train
06:36 Flower Power Steam Train
07:38 Diesel Passenger Train by BigSwedish
08:29 Bus by Ingered
09:20 Mega Croc by BigSwedish
10:21 Diesel Cargo Train by BigSwedish
11:01 Steam Lava Train by BigSwedish
11:34 Peculiar Inc. Train by prancing_blackie
12:15 Diesel Train by Herobrine517223
13:00 Royal Explorer by Herobrine517223
13:32 SNCF CC72000 diesel electric locomotive by Mighty The Dane
14:13 Krauss Maffei's 1957 prototype ML 2200 diesel hydraulic locomotive by Mighty The Dane
14:40 Hogwarts Express Inspired Train by Dawaterdrop
15:29 How To Build A Create Mod Train
21:33 Outro

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