50 Steps To Starting A New Minecraft World With The Create Mod

In this video I do a playthrough using the create mod showing you 50 steps I take to getting up and running with Create 0.5.0 in Minecraft 1.18.2.

World Seed: -4047171371392662731
Modpack: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/uberswe-labs
All my links can be found here: https://linktr.ee/uberswe

00:00 Step 1: Punch a tree
00:17 Mining Iron, Zinc and Andesite
00:28 Make Andesite Alloy
00:44 Make Shafts and hold w to Ponder
01:15 Make a Cogwheel
01:30 Waterwheels and how they work
02:43 Make Andesite Casing
03:22 Make a Depot
03:38 Make a Mechanical Press
04:01 Make an Iron Sheet
04:13 Make a Mechanical Saw
04:23 Make a Hand Crank
05:00 Gather some Kelp
05:37 Make Dried Kelp
05:48 Make a Wrench
05:59 Make some Engineer's Goggles
06:10 Make Mechanical Belts
06:49 Make Andesite Funnels
07:01 50% more Shafts for every Andesite Alloy
07:25 Make a Millstone
07:37 Make a Gearbox
07:57 Make Wheat Flour
08:08 Make Lime Dye
08:44 Find some Obsidian
09:01 Decorating with Andesite Casings
09:20 Make white dye and Bonemeal
09:37 Make an Encased Fan
10:06 Make Dough
10:21 Make Slimeballs
10:35 Make Superglue
10:49 Make a Cart Assembler and Mechanical Drills
11:05 Make a Minecart, Windmill Bearing and some Sails
11:34 Make a Gearshift and Rope Pulley
11:45 Our First Contraption
13:11 Automated Drilling Machine
13:46 Make a Mechanical Bearing and a Clutch
14:02 Make Mechanical Harvesters
14:13 Build a Wheat Farm
16:27 Make Chutes and Portable Storage Interfaces
17:51 Moving our Automated Drilling Machine
19:14 Make some Armor
19:26 Make an Empty Blaze Burner
19:57 Gather Nether Quartz
20:42 Capturing a Blaze
21:13 Make a Basin
21:24 Make a Mechanical Mixer
22:25 Making Brass Ingots
22:48 Make a deployer and Polished Rose Quartz
23:33 Making Controller Rails
23:52 Making a Horizontal Mining Contraption
25:22 How to fix the Horizontal Miners Flaws
25:56 Building a Windmill for our base
26:12 Making a Speedometer and Stressometer
26:57 Build a Tree Farm
28:26 The End

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