Create Enchantment Industry - Create The Server - Episode 3 - Create 0.5.1 - Minecraft 1.19.2

In this episode I start learning a bit about the Create Enchantment Industry mod which is included in CTS. We first get some villagers to get some enchanting books and then we make some xp farms to get liquid experience.

This is the third episode from Create The Server where we invited 100 applicants to join us on a custom world handcrafted by Polartt. We are using a Create themed mod pack and do some light role playing as we explore and create in these new lands. We are currently using Create 0.5.1 and Minecraft 1.19.2

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00:00 Intro
00:21 Create Enchantment Industry
02:19 Building The Enchantment House
02:44 Raw iron XP Farm
03:19 Mob XP Farm With Spawners
06:57 Obsidian Factory
07:52 Sturdy Sheets, Train Tracks and Monorails
09:25 The Northwest Meeting
09:53 Outro

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