Fly With Airplanes And Hot Air Balloons In Minecraft 1.18 - Create Mod With Clockwork

All of my links can be found here:

Use the following link to join the Valkyrien Skies Discord to download Clockwork:

The schematic for my airplane can be downloaded here:

The schematic for my hot air balloon can be downloaded here:

Make sure to check out Polartt's beginner airplane video and schematic for Clockwork:

Make sure to check out Kwizzle Hazzizle's video on using schematics with Clockwork, airplane schematic included:

This video showcases my experience with the Clockwork mod which recently came out in public alpha. I have created a fairly large airplane using this mod and it flies surprisingly well for being an alpha. I also made a hot air balloon with a propeller.

00:00 Intro
00:30 How to get the Clockwork Mod
01:27 My airplane
06:36 Hot air balloons
08:03 Beginner friendly airplane by Polartt
08:40 Larger airplane by Kwizzle Hazzizle
09:29 Outro