There are two orbs in the room, one fire and one ice, these can be activated from anywhere in the room to give the player a dome about 20 meters in diameter. A dome of the opposite type should be held over the boss at all times and any adds should be taunted in under the dome so they take more damage.

  • If two domes touch they explode and disappear while doing heavy AOE damage.
  • Any player holding the dome take 1 stack per second of damage
  • Switch domes at around 20 stacks
  • 15 second cooldown on domes
  • The dome must be over boss to interrupt channel attack done throughout fight
  • Domes affect enemies under them, but not players

First Phase

One boss will jump down at random after killing the initial adds. Healers handle the domes during this phase. Atronachs will spawn at 80% and 75% boss health. It’s important to prioritise the atronachs before the boss reaches 65% (70% on the second boss) as this will start the teleport phase.

During the teleport phase the boss will summon four orbs around the room. The boss will then proceed to jump to these in the same order that they were spawned. The room is typically divided up in the four quadrants with 2 dps at each orb taking the dome and interrupting the boss as he jumps to each orb.

Once this is done the first boss will jump up and the other boss will come down, repeating the first phase.

Final Phase

Both bosses will be down and the group splits in two with each boss next to its opposite orb. A healer and a dps will swap one dome on each side. Throughout the final phase, one random player will get Frostbrand and another player will get Firebrand. The two players who see this aoe under their feet should move to the center of the room and stack while blocking.

Both bosses should be killed at almost the same time. Once one boss is dead it will no longer be possible to grab a new dome of the opposite type. Eventually the remaining boss will begin the teleport phase again which typically results in a wipe as the boss can’t be interrupted.

Tanks and Healers

The atronachs are typically placed behind the group opposite of the boss under the dome. Tanks should never roll dodge heavy attacks from the boss or atronachs as this will cause them to enrage. The boss will place an AOE under the tank which should be placed around the edge of the dome while quickly moving out of the area.

Tanks will receive a fragility debuff which can be seen as an orb of fire or ice around the tanks torso. The tanks should swap when this debuff is received as it activates after 10 seconds. Tanks will also receive a negate healing debuff which will require the healers to focus heal the tank to full health.

Shield Charge or a similar ability can be used to move quickly between the two sides when taunt swapping in the last phase.


Thank you for reading. This is meant as a quick TLDR for those who want to know the basics. Others have created much more detailed guides that I recommend checking out if you would like to really understand the mechanics of the fights.

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