The group fights Tideborn Taleria on the land in the middle of the room that encircles the boss. I recommend using the challenge banner as a reference when positioning as this is where the whirlwinds during the winter storm will spawn. The main tank should be positioned to the right just enough so that the bosses cleave does not hit the group. The water outside the ring has slaughter fish and the water under Tideborn Taleria will cause you to take high amounts of ticking damage.


One will spawn every 60 seconds during the fight. He should be either cleaved or focused down by the dps. His AOE ability will instantly kill anyone hit by it and it leaves a circle on the ground which goes away when the behemoth dies.


At around 75% the boss will start spawning sirens. These are placed at the outside edge of the ring and are typically killed as the group runs around the circle during winter storm. They have an ability called Lure of the Sea which will cause players to walk into the water in the middle and die if they can’t break free.

Your group does not need a lot of damage to kill this boss but the Behemoth and Sirens serve as a dps check of sorts. If you are not able to kill the Behemoths in 60 seconds and if you can’t kill at least a few of the sirens you will start getting more and more Behemoths and Sirens which will make the fight much more difficult.

Rapid Deludge

Throughout the fight 5 players will receive Rapid Deludge which look like white bubbles coming off of the player. If the main tank has taunt on the boss they can not receive it. Players need to either spread out or go into the water to mitigate the AOE which does around 20k damage in a 19m radius after 6 seconds. Going into the water will cancel the AOE completely.


Every 20 seconds or so the boss will spin it’s blades for 6 seconds. Many players try to block this damage but this is how you end up losing all of your stamina and dying to sirens or other mechanics. Don’t block, the group should stack together with the healers spamming combat prayer or and making sure to have their heal over times active. Barrier can be used to help here but most groups shouldn’t need it. The main tank can come into the group for a short time to get some heals and synergies when this happens.

Crashing Wave

The boss will do three linear aoes with an additional aoe on the main tank. These aoes can either be roll dodged or you can simply move out of them before they trigger.

Winter Storm

After 85% winter storm will begin to spawn and it always spawns at the challenge banner and then goes in a random direction. If the storm goes right the tank should try to pass through the whirlwinds in the first 3 seconds. The tank would then follow the whirlwinds and the group follows the tank around in a full circle to the challenge banner. If the whirlwinds go left the group follows the whirlwinds and the tank follows the group and end at the challenge banner. The storm goes 665 degrees around, or almost two laps, and will end 45 degrees from the challenge banner.

Bridges and mages

Bridges spawn at 50%, 35% and 20% and will cancel any Winter Storm when they are spawned. I recommend sending 2-3 dps to do each bridge in 2 different groups in case another bridge spawns when the first group is still doing the first bridge. When the bridge spawns you will see rocks fall in the water leading out to one of the sections on the sides. The dps will need to run on these rocks in order to get to one of the mages. You need to bring the mage down to 50% or 1.75 mil damage in less than 60 seconds. After this the mage will go through a portal which the dps should also take and spawn on the land. The offtank should bring the mage to the group to kill the mage in the same way behemoths are handled.


Nilandia’s guide to vDSR mentions that 841k group DPS is required for skipping all 3 bridges but from my experience the needed dps is closer to 680k group DPS or 85k per dps. Also note that this dps only needs to be maintained during the last 70 seconds of the fight. This is because the first bridge tankes a few seconds to spawn before the 60s timer starts. It also takes around 8 seconds for the mage to walk through their portal and cast their ability which wipes the group. The same goes for skipping 1 or 2 bridges, the dps requirement is probably much lower, like 250k dps for skipping a single bridge. The hardest part is making sure everyone stays alive during this period.


Thanks for reading. This guide is meant to give a quick overview of the different mechanics. If you would like a more in depth explanation feel free to check out some of the guides from other creators here:

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