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Settings Guide for Elder Scrolls Online

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Welcome to my ESO Settings Guide.

As I have been playing ESO for a while now doing various types of content I feel a bit more familiar with the settingsand thought I would make a video over those that I find to be useful.


I like to set the display mode to Windowed Fullscreenas this allows me to easily tab out of the game to check somethingin a web browser for example and then quickly tabbing back in.
As for the graphics quality, I would suggest you try the different presetsand modify settings based on them. this will vary based on hardware and whatcontent you might be doing.

The last setting I will cover here is Show Additional Ally Effects.Having it off can really help improver performance and how much you can see when doing trials for example. However, for imersion you mightwant to have it enabled. I got one of my friends to help me make a good comparison of how much of a difference this option makes and it isnt much. In the side by side by side comparison from the video you can see that my friend is using the destruction staff ultimate.Without ally effects we see the cloud and flames in the sky and some brightnessand with ally effects you can see some additional circles, some flames and a bit of smoke. For dungeons it doesn’t make much of a difference but it can be really helpful in trials where you have 12 players all casting different abilities with effects.


Under the section titled combat you will find custom colors which is one of the most useful settings to tweak in my opinion. Here I recommend turning up the brightness for both friendly and enemies to 50. You can click the test buttons here to preview what this change will look like.I also like to change the enemy color from the default red to a more pinkish color.This will help things stand out a bit more from fire effectsof enemies and allies.

Next up is double tap to dodge, I still use this feature as I have not decided on a key to use instead of double tapping. Typically your dodging would be more reliableif you bind dodging to a different key as the double tap can be unreliable sometimes.

I also like to turn on Prevent Attacking Innocents so you dont accidentally light Attacka guard in a city. Here I tried to do a light attack but the setting prevents me from performing the attack.

Next we have quick cast ground abilities. This was essential for me as a healerto just speed up my casting and rotation but I think anyone who needs to placean aoe will find it useful. It takes some getting used to aiming and clicking insteadof clicking, aiming and clicking to place.

I also like to have auto loot enabled as I tend to pick up everything I find to latersell or destroy anything I don’t need. If you are constantly filling your bags youmay want to disable this setting to only pick up things you want to use.

I also like to prevent stealing placed items as this can be annoying if it’s not something you want to be doing.

Once you have gotten a hang of the game you can also disable tutorials under gameplay settings.


I don’t play first person so I will skip those. For third person I like to maximize my field of view, I like to have my vertical offset as high as possible.This is because I typically play as healer and want to have more of an overview of what is happening.I like to center the horizontal position, more of a personal preference but I don’t like the reticle to be off center.


Next we have the interface settings. Here there is not much that I like to change from the default. At the verybottom there are a few settings under performance that I like to turn on to showwhat my FPS and ping to the server currently is.

Under the nameplates setting I prefer showing nameplates as I am typically doing callouts in trials and you may or may not prefer to show them when you are playing but its good to know that they are there.
When having nameplates on you may see some players that have their guild listed under their name, if you would like to have this too simply buy a guild tabard from your guilds trader. Either by going to the guild trader or finding the nearest banker and opening the guildstore.


Under the social settings tab you can tweak things like chat color but I prefer to keep it default.


Under combat settings I like to set my ability bar to always show so that its always atthe bottom of the screen as shown here. I also like to turn on the ability bar timers and back row so that I know when to cast my abilities again. As you can see here I have timers for different abilitiesthat will still show even when I switch bars.

Some people may log dungeons or trials that you participate in, if you would prefer not to showyour character name in these logs you can set yourself to be anonymous here.

Finally you can choose to show your buffs and debuffs. Now that I have enabled the buffs to show you will see them at the bottom of the screen as I cast various abilities. Showing all of them can be useful for learning but I prefer to filter which buffs are shown using addons.

Thats all the base game settings that I will cover in this pst. I hope that you found this useful and please do write in the comments if you have any questions or if I missed something.

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