Create Enchantment Industry - Create The Server - Episode 3 - Create 0.5.1 - Minecraft 1.19.2

In this episode I start learning a bit about the Create Enchantment Industry mod which is included in CTS. We first get some villagers to get some enchanting books and then we make some xp farms to ge...

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Time To Build A House! - Create The Server - Episode 2

In this episode we find out what has happened to my Sheep, I build a house, enter the nether for the first time and join an expedition to investigate a mysterious map.

This is the second epis...

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I Found Sheep! - Create The Server - Episode 1

This is the first episode (reuploaded, I explain in the video) from Create The Server where we invited 100 applicants to join us on a custom world handcrafted by Polartt. We are using a Create themed ...

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Testing Create, Clockwork And Big Cannons With @Polartt & Friends #Createmod #Minecraft

These are some clips from when we were preparing for an event called Cogfight which was held and then cancelled early by the Valkyrien Skies discord.

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How To Build An Elevator Using The Create Mod 0.5.1 - Minecraft 1.19.2

In this video we are back at Uberswe Labs and I show you how you can make an elevator using Create 0.5.1.

Join my discord to interact with me and my community! We have a bunch of Create Schem...

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Create The Server - Uberswe's Announcement Trailer

I'm proud to introduce, Create the Server!

Go check out the other members:
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20 Different Trains And How To Build One Using The Create Mod - Minecraft 1.18.2

In this video I showcase 20 different trains created using Create 0.5.0 and Minecraft 1.18.2. Some of the trains are mine, some are create by server members and some have also been shared on my discor...

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50 Steps Towards Becoming A Create Mod Expert - Minecraft 1.18.2

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In this video I show over 50 different steps or creations as a sort o...

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5000 Dancing Mechanical Arms To Celebrate 5000 Subscribers

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Thank you so much for supporting my channel, I really appreciate it! To celebrate that my channel has now reach...

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Fly With Airplanes And Hot Air Balloons In Minecraft 1.18 - Create Mod With Clockwork

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Use the following link to join the Valkyrien Skies Discord to download Clockwork:

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